About Grenada

Grenada is also known as the “island of Spice” because of the production of nutmeg and many other spices and fruits. Grenada is one of the largest exporters of nutmeg.

The Spice Island of Grenada

Its size is 344 square kilometers (133 sq mi), with an estimated population of 110,000. Its capital is St George’s. The island is still largely undiscovered, full of beauty and charm. Historically the British and French influence have contributed to a delightful and friendly culture that is Grenada today. The island is clean with virtually no crime and the people are friendly.

Grenada’s state-of-the-art airport accommodates international flights including British Airways, Virgin, Delta, Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, American Airlines and Air Canada.  Private air charter services and VIP airport services are available.

St. George’s University, a respected international independent non-profit university of 37 years offers degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, the health sciences, nursing, arts and sciences, and business to over 6,000 students and faculty from 30 countries.  Plans are currently underway for a new teaching medical hospital.

Grenada can be enjoyed throughout the year, quite simply offering one of the most delightful climates in the world and with an average annual temperature of around 82ºF / 27ºC, the sea temperature is always pleasant. Grenada is outside The Hurricane Belt.

Grenada boasts great infrastructure with good roads, internet and utility services. The motto on the island is “Grenada works” with cell service strong throughout the island, and rarely is there a power outage or watershortage. These positive factors make Grenada a favorable destination to live short or long-term.

Above all Grenadians are absolutely friendly, hardworking and charming.